kira makes no blog progress.. no blogress?

aka, kira makes bad portmanteaus.

I’ve had the blog hidden while trying to work out the behind-the-scenes setup, but since it was not public, there was no impetus to actually update it. Nor actually document the things I’ve been making.

Right now, I’m working on writing letters for International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) and A Month of Letters (LetterMo) challenge. Additionally, there is The 30-Day Meditation Challenge which I am already behind on — but (!!) not going to stress on that, since it would be rather against the principle.

Last night, had a lovely hangout with Cmer, where we played with some Pilot Parallel pens and I made some abstract doodling with water-soluble pencils and water-brush-pens.

I am still terrified of the blank page.

I need to get over my page-fright and figure out how to get back into creating. Especially since I have un-hidden the site + the blog, and would really like to have reasons to update. Which means… I must make things.


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