Month: February 2015

kira makes Rouge du Rhin Roses de Neiges (rainbow version)

embroidery 01

Last year, I ordered the Rouge du Rhin Roses de Neiges kit from The French Needle. I decided to make a practice version first to learn any new stitches, before tackling the beautiful whitework version.

embroidery 02

So, naturally, I decided to go with variegated threads in a rainbow wheel.

embroidery 03

Unfortunately, the piece lost momentum and was set aside during the move to the new apartment.

embroidery 04

But, I have found it and am working on the last two segments — purple and pink. Once those are done, I’ll remove the interfacing (used for tracing), and decide how I want to mount/frame it. Perhaps in a hoop.


kira makes an ow


I somehow managed to slam my thumb in my car door. *squash*

It doesn’t look nearly as bad as it feels. Which, honestly, isn’t that terrible (though I have a high pain tolerance), but it is definitely going to hamper my ability to MAKE THINGS for a little while. Just until it stops hurting to use. Since… it’s my makin’ things hand.

Right now would be a useful time to be ambidextrous.