kira makes pieces of tatting

Tatting - pieces - drying

Here are the small pieces of tatting for the pair of Tatted Barefoot Sandals (Instructable) and one piece for the Grand Daisy Tatted Choker (Instructable). They appear darker grey, because they are wet and drying.

I’m still trying to get my brain around the last steps for the barefoot sandals; granted, haven’t really spent a lot more time pondering it before getting distracted by wanting to make the Grand Daisy tatted choker. Hah..

I’ve made a bit of progress on it already:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 01

And then some work on the chains:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 02

I also have an image of the other tatted necklace (Instructable), as promised.

Tatting - necklace


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