Month: April 2015

kira makes a Fleegle heel

Fleegle Heel Sock Progress

Sock progress! There is a heel!

I’ve been referring to this as my first sock, when technically I have made one sock before. Yes, just one. It was a test sock, just to see if I could do it. I don’t remember what pattern I used, but I believe it was cuff-down with a traditional heel-flap, made with 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn. I never made its mate. It tickled me that I successfully made a sock, even if was doomed to be alone. It was really just to see how socks were constructed before trying it with tiny fancy sock yarn.

So, this is my first (to-be-pair) of sock(s) made in tiny fancy sock yarn (gifted to me by my friend). I wanted to use up all of it, hence the decision for toe-up, so I could just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn.

When I was researching what sort of toe-up socks I wanted to do, I looked at several different heels. I vaguely remember the traditional heel-flap working alright, but I think that I remember it being a little hole-y where the heel met the gusset. I came across the Fleegle heel, I think by accident. After reading more about it, I decided this was what I would try. And, it turned out to be pretty straightforward (once I read all the instructions and supplementary blog-post) and resulted in a lovely hole-free heel.

I later found this page “How to Choose Your Sock Heel” which compares a couple different heels, with images. I think I will continue to use the Fleegle heel, unless a traditional heel-flap would suit better.

Now to continue knitting around and around in stockinette, until I’m almost out of yarn, and then some 2×2 ribbing. Perhaps some increases to fit the calf better. And, then onto the second — hopefully avoiding the dreaded second-sock-syndrome!


kira makes a trip to the Powhatan Festival of Fiber

This last Saturday, I woke up with not much planned to do. In a bit of a mood, as well — I had stayed up a little too late the previous night at a party, and the morning was wet and gloomy. Despite this, I didn’t want to spend the whole day holed up in my apartment, and I remembered about the Powhatan Festival of Fiber. So, I shrugged into some clothes and got on the road, for about a 45 minute drive. While the drive itself was uneventful, it was a bit emotional as I was dealing with personal stuff — partially why I had such impetus for getting out of the apartment and actually doing something, even if it was to wander a fiber festival, all by myself, in the drizzle.

As I was parking, I remembered that there would be lots of yarn and other fiber-related things to tempt me into buying them. Seeing as I was already pushing my budget for the month, I set a strict one-skein-only limit, no more than $35. (I knew that I would want to come home with at least something!)

I wandered from booth to booth, petting all the lovely skeins and hanks of yarn. The smells of festival food wafted through the damp air. I resisted buying a funnel cake. (Can funnel cakes be vegan? I don’t even know…) As I made my way to the back of the fair, I noticed a pen.

Powhatan Fiber Festival - Alpacas

Alpacas! (I later saw the white alpaca get sheared.)

Powhatan Fiber Festival - Sheep

There were also sheep being sheared, next to a couple pens of different breeds of sheep and goats. I got to pat a baby goat on its head; it had tiny little triangular horn nubs — adorable!

Powhatan Fiber Festival - Bunnies

Further down the row, there was also a booth selling angora rabbits. I did not buy one. Although, tempting. So fluffy!

Powhatan Fiber Festival - Curious Bunny

Powhatan Fiber Festival - Fluffy Bunny

In the end, I wandered around some more for a while, browsing all the booths (sometimes twice, because I hadn’t really planned a path), before deciding on a skein of yarn. There was only a single skein in its colorway, hanging on a rack surrounded by other beautifully colored hanks of yarn. But I kept coming back to this one.

Unplanned Peacock Kinky Sock - Frog

The picture does not really do it justice. It is lovely and soft, with beautiful tones of greens and blues. A sock yarn from Unplanned Peacock. The colorway name is Frog… but the colors more remind me of a peacock than a frog. I am not sure what I plan to do with it yet — I’m leaning towards a sock-yarn shawl; too pretty to hide under a pair of shoes! Now to browse Ravelry for all the possible options. Swoon.


ETA: oh, there was so much Papyrus font used by the vendors! Egad!

kira makes out like a bandit at the potluck/swap

Last night’s Twisted Stitchers RVA (our stitch & bitch group) was a potluck/swap. I made the crowd-favorite Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (was a hit, again), and a recipe I hadn’t tried before: Cold Soba & Cucumber Salad. It’s more of an assembly recipe than actual cooking; super quick to put together (I made it during my lunch break, on the day of!), and was also very tasty. I polished off the leftovers today for lunch!

Swap Books

But, look at the books I snagged! Super stoked about the Zimmerman books and Walker’s Knitting Treasuries (1 through 3! just missing #4!). Plus, No Sheep for You is good for looking into other non-wool yarns as a mostly-vegan — I still eat honey, and occasionally use wool. Because, things like felting, and other awesome wool properties…

Speaking of wool, I also took a ball of Berocco Sox in a really neat colorway (think it was 1425 John Moores, but not sure if I remember properly — it only had the colorway number and not the name on the ball band).

And speaking of socks, my first pair is coming along. I was gifted a skein of lovely sock yarn (The Twisted Knitter Hand Dyed Originals Platinum Sock in “Naughty or Nice”) by my friend. And, I decided that this sock yarn should actually become socks!

Naughty or Nice Socks Progress

After a few false starts (CO edge too tights, too loose, etc), I made my way through the toe and onto the main body of the sock. I was concerned for a bit that the sock would be too large, but I think that was just the needles pulling the yarn when I was trying it on in the initial stages. Now to knit just a bit more before moving onto the heel.

I used Judy’s Magic Cast On, with the additional help of this video for figuring out the CO for DPNs. I am using Fleegle’s Toe-Up No-Flap, No-Hassle Sock Pattern; after looking at several different toe-up heels, I became intrigued with the Fleegle heel, and figured I’d give that one a go. And, at the end, I plan to use Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. I divided the skein into two equal weight balls, and plan on knitting until I run out of yarn! I anticipate having an inch or two of ribbing at the top, on otherwise stockinette stitch socks (and depending on how tall/long they become, I may do some increases to fit over the calf).

[Ravelry project notes here]


kira makes crowd-sourced calligraphy practice

One of the things that is difficult for me when practicing my calligraphy is trying to figure out what to write. I end up writing the same words over and over. Like “practice” or “hello.”

So, in order to try to get some variety of words, I polled my Facebook friends for some of their favorite words.

I was not disappointed.

Calligraphy Practice - Page 01

Calligraphy Practice - Page 02

Calligraphy Practice - Supplies

Practice made with FW Acrylic Ink (Payne’s Grey), using a Nikko G Pointed Nib in my favorite Tachikawa T40 Holder.


kira makes lunchtime calligraphy

Lunchtime Calligraphy

I like going home for lunch. I can eat a quick bite, then play with whatever art/craft is catching my fancy that day. Today was calligraphy, and I got to try out my new dinky dips (which is a silly name. But lovely to use.)

No image of the actual practice — I was being very sloppy and haphazard; didn’t use any guidelines so was slanting all over the place. Then later, I accidentally planted my hand on the wet ink while trying to make use of some blank space near the top of the page. Whoops. So, very un-pretty practice, but still good to do. Not so good for showing off. Will perhaps practice more later tonight, after the inaugural meetup of Twisted Stitchers RVA. At GWARbar.