kira makes a Fleegle heel

Fleegle Heel Sock Progress

Sock progress! There is a heel!

I’ve been referring to this as my first sock, when technically I have made one sock before. Yes, just one. It was a test sock, just to see if I could do it. I don’t remember what pattern I used, but I believe it was cuff-down with a traditional heel-flap, made with 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn. I never made its mate. It tickled me that I successfully made a sock, even if was doomed to be alone. It was really just to see how socks were constructed before trying it with tiny fancy sock yarn.

So, this is my first (to-be-pair) of sock(s) made in tiny fancy sock yarn (gifted to me by my friend). I wanted to use up all of it, hence the decision for toe-up, so I could just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn.

When I was researching what sort of toe-up socks I wanted to do, I looked at several different heels. I vaguely remember the traditional heel-flap working alright, but I think that I remember it being a little hole-y where the heel met the gusset. I came across the Fleegle heel, I think by accident. After reading more about it, I decided this was what I would try. And, it turned out to be pretty straightforward (once I read all the instructions and supplementary blog-post) and resulted in a lovely hole-free heel.

I later found this page “How to Choose Your Sock Heel” which compares a couple different heels, with images. I think I will continue to use the Fleegle heel, unless a traditional heel-flap would suit better.

Now to continue knitting around and around in stockinette, until I’m almost out of yarn, and then some 2×2 ribbing. Perhaps some increases to fit the calf better. And, then onto the second — hopefully avoiding the dreaded second-sock-syndrome!


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