kira makes the start of second sock

I’d been humming along with the first sock, knitting simply stockinette in the round for some time before remembering that I had been planning on doing some calf increases. Placing the live stitches on some waste yarn, I tried on my sock.

Fleegle Sock Progress - 05.03.15

Looks like just in time. Some increases are probably a good idea before the sock gets any taller.

However, since I’ve been somewhat winging the pattern, I decided that I should start on the second sock, and get it to the same point so I can match the increases for both socks. So second sock started; have completed the toe, and am on the main body of the foot. (This will also hopefully combat getting stuck with second sock syndrome!)

In other news, my little sister visited so we dyed our hair. She had never dyed her hair before, and went with Special Effects Blue Velvet (I had half a bottle left over from when I had short blue hair.) And I stuck with reds and some pink, using up the remnants of several bottles I had laying around — so a mix of Virgin Rose, Cherry Bomb, Nuclear Red, and Blood Red.

Hair - Koryn + Kira

And, on Sunday, went to Dancing in the Dark/Sunday Funday — a weekly summer meet-up of hoopers and spinners. It was my first time going; the first one was rained out, and I didn’t want to go to the second one by myself. But, Cmer and I were able to go to this one and had a good time.

Sunday Funday - 05.03.15

And, I also got to play some with staff for the first time, with help from my friend Steve, who I almost hit in the face a couple of times. Eeeep.

Staff (Photo by Stacey Firefly)(Photo by Stacey Firefly)

All in all, a pretty good weekend!


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