kira makes poor decisions…

…because YARN!

It was really just shifting next month’s “hobbies” budget to now. Since there was only just enough of the yarn in the color I wanted at the online shop, and I didn’t want them to run out.

And then, I needed to also get beads! I couldn’t decide what color to get… so I got all my choices to see what they actually look like with the yarn. Since, I can always use more beads. 😉

The bead choices are opaque oxblood, transparent ruby, transparent grey, opaque frosted jet, and opaque jet.

Bead Options

I really like the oxblood beads but not entirely sure how well they actually complement the yarn. Same with the ruby — however, these are transparent, so they may appear darker with the yarn inside and work better. The transparent grey also will have the yarn color show through and add a nice glint. The opaque frosted jet is an interesting choice, because they are matte and a unique color; definitely a different feel for beads. And the opaque jet would definitely work, and add a little shine.

I guess we’ll see when I have all these happy new purchases in my little hands. Another girl in my knitting group showed off the progress she’s making on her Mirkwood shawl; I’m very excited to start my own! Speaking of knitting group, we were supposed to knit outside in the park today, but it is rainy. So, coffeeshop it is!


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