kira makes the mistake of opening package at work

Malibrigo Lace - Pagoda

My yarn for Mirkwood has arrived!

I made the “mistake” of opening my package at work (I couldn’t wait!), and… *swoons*

The Malabrigo Lace is so lovely and soft and prettiful. I can’t stop petting it. Very distracting at work. I’m glad I got the extra skein, just in case. I probably could have done without the extra skein, but now I just get more opportunity to use/have/wear this lovely yarn. Hooray!

My beads also arrived yesterday. I’m actually glad that I ordered all of the colors I was considering, since the colors are significantly different from what was displayed on-screen (especially the frosted opaque jet). Which I totally understand, but glad that I gave myself some wiggle-room for making the decision based on the actual colors. Now that the yarn has arrived, I will be able to test how all the true colors complement each other.

Nerdy excited yarn ramble.

Now I’m anxious to get started on the Mirkwood Shawl. Part of me feels like I should wait until I finish one of my current WiPs, but… what’s the fun in that?


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