Month: June 2015

kira makes inkstained crossed fingers

Oscar Wilde - Experience

Crossing fingers for luck with a potential opportunity!

I haven’t made an update in two weeks or so, because I didn’t have any good images of progress on my various projects. And a post without pictures is truly not as exciting.

So, quickly whipped together this image to prompt me to post. I haven’t really devoted much (read: any) time to actually digitizing my calligraphy, past shooting a quick iPhone image. (Which I honestly ought to spend a little more time making sure that it is lit well, and… you know, actually in focus! Hah.) It was interesting seeing what I could pull together in just a few minutes, testing out a few techniques I’d seen. Not sure I actually like the colors of the end result, but…

Anyway — making good progress on Mirkwood Shawl. Pictures to come, when I remember to actually document it. Progress is slow, and it’s nice to have companions in this KAL journey to commiserate about confusing parts and the numerous lace charts. I’m about a third of the way through Chart 1 (which starts after setting up all the inner borders). It’s hard to judge precisely how far in the pattern I am, since each row has more stitches than the previous. So, even if I could say I am __ rows in a pattern consisting of __ rows, it’s not a good method to evaluate how much more there is to go. We’ll just say that it will go on and on until it is done.

Which will hopefully be before September (I’m sure it will!) because I plan to wear it to my sister’s wedding.


kira makes the start of Mirkwood

Mirkwood - Beginning

I caved and cast on for Mirkwood. I knit about 13 rows at craft night, before having to pause because I didn’t have any of my beads with me. Later that night, I knit to about row 31, before realizing that I had just been purling the entire WS rows, instead of knit-the-knits, purl-the-purls. Plus, I didn’t really care for the bead that I was using — in the pattern, there are special “tree” beads used occasionally throughout the pattern (in addition to the seed beads); I had tried using tiny metal star shaped beads, but they were not laying in an attractive way, because of hole placement and how they are added to the pattern.

So, I decided to frog the whole thing and start over.

When I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, due to insomnia, I had the brilliant idea of getting up and working more on the shawl. Which, of course, lead to me not going back to bed again! But I did get back to the point where I had gotten before, so overall progress. This time, I am using a spherical shiny gunmetal-grey bead for the accent beads. They are a little large/heavy, but I think they will work.

Mirkwood - Bead Options

For the main seed beads, I couldn’t decide what color to use, so I ended up ordering all the color options. This was actually a good idea, since several of them looked very different from their online appearance. I have ultimately decided to go with the transparent grey bead — it appears to catch the light the most, as well as having a hint of the color through the bead. The transparent ruby beads don’t really complement the yarn’s shade of red, and the opaque black, while pretty, don’t seem as sparkly as the grey.

Now that I’ve started Mirkwood, I’m itching to go back home to work on it more! Boo having to work…


kira makes another mistake

This time an actual problem.

I loaded the hank of Malabrigo Lace onto my yarn swift, and used my ball-winder to wind the hank into a center-pull yarn cake. Not so much of a problem so far.

But then, I attempted to use the yarn cake as a center-pull… which is where I ran into a big snag. The fine laceweight yarn caught and snagged on itself, and in pulling it, snapped the yarn. Attempting to find the end again, I managed to make a 400+ yard knot-bundle. Oops…

yarn tangle

After spending a while, with a lot of patience, I managed to unknot the entire skein, but now it’s split into smaller balls, as the yarn snapped a couple more times in the unknotting process. Oh well. Luckily, it was technically the extra skein I ordered, so not too much of a concern.

I think this was a lesson I learned the last time I worked with laceweight yarn, but had forgotten. It doesn’t seem like laceweight yarn likes being used as a center-pull. Now will hopefully remember this for the future!