Month: July 2015

kira makes more Mirkwood

Mirkwood 07.2015 02

I’d rather be knitting.

Making progress on Mirkwood. Slow going, as the stitch number increases. But thoroughly enjoying knitting it.

Mirkwood 07.2015 01

I am fast closing in on the end of Chart 1. I’ve gotten my system down for keeping track of all the lace charts. It’s not nearly as difficult as it had initially seemed it would be. I occasionally consider adding lifelines, but so far, I haven’t had many issues where I need to undo the work. When I do run into a problem — finding one stitch more or less per the segment — I am able to easily find where I need to fix it in the previous rows and correct it. Since the whole shawl is broken down into smaller charts, it’s actually easier for me to keep track of it. I think perhaps when I get to the flaming pinecones section, I may consider adding a lifeline.

But for now, making good progress, and finally with pictures.