Month: November 2015

kira makes Snail Mail My Email (backdated post)

This post was saved in my drafts and published, so here it is:

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I am participating in this round of Snail Mail My Email.


The first request was simply one word, so I decided to cross-stitch it on some Aida cloth before popping it in an envelope and sending it through the mail.


kira makes a secret project

It’s not really a secret… it’s more of a surprise.

It’s that time of year, to be working on gifts for friends and family. And since, well, I know of at least ONE person (hi, Laura!) who reads this blog, I can’t show what I’m working on here. YET.

But I can show my orts jar! (Orts are the little leftover bits of thread trimmed from embroidery projects).

Orts Jar

There’s not too much in the jar right now, but Árnyék and Zaka kept trying to eat the thread bits, so made an orts jar to keep them out of reach.

The project itself is going along swimmingly. Lots of practice in making French knots. (Ooooh, a hint!) Looking forward to sharing them on the blog soon, after gift-giving season is over.

In other news, I have signed up to be a mail artist volunteer for Snail Mail My Email. The project is live this week, so hopefully I will soon receive emails to make into beautiful letters. Quick turnaround — I believe they need to be mailed out by the this Friday — so hopefully this will be the kick-in-the-pants I need to make some more stuff. Branch out and experiment a little. Looking forward to it. Yay.


kira makes non-NaNoWriMo

I knew from the start that I wasn’t planning on participating in NaNoWriMo. One day, I will get back into fiction-writing, but that day is not right now.

After considering what other truncated-word/acryonym challenge I might do instead of NaNoWriMo (such as NaBloPoMo or NaNoJouMo), I decided I really can’t be arsed to do a daily intensive challenge and I’m already a day behind anyway… So, whatever.

I’m going to work on my creative assortment of interests daily, as usual. This month’s focus is Finishing Things.

So far, I’ve completed the Les Misérables wrap and hand-felted it in a basin in the bathtub. Handfelting — what a workout!

Les Miserables - Bathtub

Les Miserables - Felted Closeup

The color never shows up in the photographs right… Sigh. Think turmeric (which is actually the yarn color’s name).

I believe I thought the felting would shrink it a lot more, so it is still massively long. Enough for two wraps around the neck and STILL long. It is too warm to wear right now, but will be lovely in the winter.

In the spirit of finishing the UFOs that I have laying about, I pulled out the Fleegle heel socks I had set aside. As I pulled one of them on, I re-confirmed what I had previously determined: I need to unravel them a fair bit and start to add calf-shaping increases. So… I’m not that excited about that. Part of me wants to just bind-off and call it a day, but I know that I want to keep knitting them until they are TALL socks, and to do that, I will need to add calf-shaping, since they are being unattractively stretched out. But… I will get to that later, when I have more motivation for that.

I then turned to the Featherweight Cardigan, which has been sitting, neglected in a bin. Several rows into the plain stockinette stitching, I got a little bored and was hoping for a bit more excitement. Thinking I might cheat and cast-on for a quick new project (a hat), I remembered that I already knit a hat that is just waiting for some finishing (d’oh!). Tiny Owl Knit’s Deer with Little Antlers Hat. Mine has been sitting in a bin, with the hat part, two ears, and ONE antler. All that needs to be done is to make the other antler, felt them, stitch the antlers and ears on the hat, and ta-da! Done. The hunt for the skein of natural-colored wool began. I pulled bin after bin out of my closet (where I hide my yarnstash), finding several other UFOs along the way — the thick stack of squares from the Cabled Afghan KAL just waiting to be stitched together, a hat that just needed fringe added, and then… a scarf that I made as a gift for a friend… in 2008. Which has been waiting for a cloth backing to be sewn on to hide the back of the colorwork. Since 2008. …wow.

So, I decided the next project to complete was the scarf; I am over halfway through handsewing the jersey backing to the scarf. Once it’s complete, I’ll ship it off to the intended recipient. Only like… 7 years after I started it.