Month: February 2016

kira makes an observation: crochet hooks

At my apartment:

“Where the fuck are my fucking crochet hooks?”

“These ones (case of 16 metal hooks)?”


“These ones (case of 12 plastic hooks)?”


“These ones (case of 4 plastic hooks)? Or these ones (set of bamboo Tunisian hooks)?”

“Noooo… They are not my favorite hooks!”

….worse that this whole conversation was also with just myself? Still have not found the hooks I want. C’est la vie.


kira makes a string of expletives

I had to reset my phone, and everything was fine.

tally counter pro

…until I realized this morning that my Tally Counter Pro app was deleted. Meaning that I now don’t know what row I am on in the Mirkwood Shawl, the Featherweight Cardigan, and the Crocodile Stitch booties (a project I think I’m starting over anyway). Boo, technology failures!

(However, now from blog post title, I want to somehow craft a “string of expletives”… *ponders*)


kira makes barndom monarch — complete!

After putting this shawl on the sidelines for quite some time, I have finally finished my Barndom Monarch.

Barndom Monarch - Progress

Monarch Barndom

(I would have posted a better finished picture, but my phone ran out of space after taking this shot.)

Pattern: Barndom by Stephen West
Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in Prism and Black
Needles: US size 4

Apparently, according to my Ravelry project page, I started this in April 2013. Eeeek?

“I really wanted to try out Knit Picks Chroma yarn, and I liked the Prism colorway; however, I don’t really like how sometimes a variegated rainbow yarn can kind of look a bit garish, and a little unwearable (with my style at least!).

So I was looking for a way to temper the color changes.. This shawl jumped out at me as a good way to both showcase the pretty color changes, as well as mellowing out the rainbow. The columns remind me of the pattern of black veins of the Monarch butterfly. Although my shawl is not the typical orange and black of the Monarch, it feels very reminiscent of butterfly wings to me.

Of course, now I’m looking at tons of butterfly pictures on Wikipedia, to see if there is a wingèd creature that better matches my shawl.”

Finally done though! Well, apart from weaving in the ends and blocking.

So, in other words, it will sit around for another few months before being completely completely-finished. Haha…