kira makes an Etsy purchase

After having some items from Succaplokki (Etsy shop) in my cart for aaaaaaaages, I finally ordered!

Part of what prompted the actual purchase, is that I need to measure my gauge swatch for Cyntaf and I am rubbish at measuring gauge swatches. I know — it’s a pretty straight forward thing to do, but for some reason, I still find myself procrastinating on actually doing it. Avoidance!

So, I figured it was finally time to buy those gauge measuring tools I’ve been eyeing forever.

Succaplokki makes knitting accessories and tools from recycled plastic. I am a big fan of recycling/upcycling, and I was drawn to them right away. I particularly liked the ones in the Graphite-Grey color. I ordered 2 Silmuccaruutu (Knitting Gauge Checker), in a 2″ and the larger 4″. Unfortunately, by the time I ordered, the Graphite-Grey for the 4″ was unavailable, so I selected the “Surprise Color.”

Succaplokki Packaging

Made in Finland! I loved the stamps and the packaging. Inside the cardboard mailer, each item was individually wrapped in newspaper — funny to see some comics in Finnish.

Succaplokki Gauge Tools

Surprise! Orange! I was slightly amused that the “surprise color” of the 4″ Silmuccaruutu coordinates with the project I am currently working on. And it came with a little surprise gift! A little keyring-sized needle gauge tool (I believe it is one of the Piccumitta (Tiny Knitting Needle Gauge) on their site). While I don’t know how much I will use it (as it is one size, US2.5), it is still adorable and I immediately attached them to my tiny scissors that I keep in my knitting bag.

Overall pleased with these new tools. I have yet to actually use them — waiting to block the gauge swatch before I measure it (probably should do before/after blocking measurements) — but looking forward to using them.


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