Month: June 2016

9 days left in the Skillshare challenge

Eeeek! There are only 9 days left in the Skillshare challenge!

I need to finish making the pendants. Looks like I’m only going to have 2 completed pendants — I finished the violet one last night, and I’m almost done with the orange pendant. I had hoped to make pendants for the wooden frames as well, but time is running out. I’m at the point where I need to finish the pendants before I can film any more, and then get the footage edited and completed ASAP. Eeek.

Skillshare Likes

My Skillshare project (the project of making the class) has gotten 25 likes! Hopefully I can get as many students within the first month.


Challenge accepted!

Skillshare: The French Knot

Skillshare is having a June Teach Challenge.

Since the beginning of June, I have been putting together a class I will be launching July 1. In my spare moments, I have been spent crafting, filming, and editing. I decided to teach how to make the French knot pendants as my first class. Of course, the only problem is that… they make such great gifts, I gave them all away! Time to make more — and document the process for the class.

This challenge is proving interesting. I’ve had to conquer my camera-shyness (totally fine for self-portraits, a whole ‘nother story when it’s moving and talking on camera). It’s also forced me to brush up on my video editing skills; I haven’t done any video editing in… ten years?! Luckily in the challenge, the month is broken down into milestones, so that each section of work seems much more achievable. I’m still in the process of making the pendants, and filming/editing where I can, but I’m thinking that it will be able to come together in time. Launching July first!