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kira makes pieces of tatting

Tatting - pieces - drying

Here are the small pieces of tatting for the pair of Tatted Barefoot Sandals (Instructable) and one piece for the Grand Daisy Tatted Choker (Instructable). They appear darker grey, because they are wet and drying.

I’m still trying to get my brain around the last steps for the barefoot sandals; granted, haven’t really spent a lot more time pondering it before getting distracted by wanting to make the Grand Daisy tatted choker. Hah..

I’ve made a bit of progress on it already:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 01

And then some work on the chains:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 02

I also have an image of the other tatted necklace (Instructable), as promised.

Tatting - necklace


kira makes the beginnings of needle-tatted barefoot sandals

Needle Tatted Barefoot Sandals - Beginning

After making a couple of the tatted flowers, and a necklace (from Instructables; no post on it yet, will photograph later), I am trying my hand at making these needle-tatted barefoot sandals. I am super excited; I have wanted to make them for a while, but the idea was put aside as I pursued other crafts. And, now that I am getting back into needle tatting, I am making them!

Still trying to wrap my brain around the last portion of the instructions where you join up all the pieces (specifically how/when the joins happen), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


kira makes needle tatted flower

I have been taking the Shuttle Tatting Class at Craftsy. I had previously attempted to learn via diagrams, but all the steps were like: wave your hands around, and…. ta-da! Needless to say, I wasn’t able to figure it out. So, I was glad when there was the Craftsy class, so I could learn from video lessons (with rewind and replay!).

I got the basics down.
But then, it made me want to pull out my recently re-found tatting needles to see if I remembered how to needle tat as well.

So, today during my lunch break, I whipped up this flower.

needle tatting - flower

Instructable and Pattern by TotusMel. This instructable was how I first learned to needle tat, and was a good refresher, since it’s been ages since I attempted needle tatting.

For scale:
needle tatting - flower - scale

And, yes.. I need to catch up on 30 Days of Lists. I am behind.