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kira makes a pile of all the new stamps

Happy kira-got-new-stamps Day!

New Stamps Day

Despite having made the final decision to not participate in April’s National Card and Letter-Writing Month (because I did InCoWriMo / A Month of Letters Challenge in February… and somehow managed to not even post about it once!), it was time for me to order new stamps for all my regular pen-pal correspondence. And here are all the new stamps!

Yay, stamps!
Funny to be so excited about stamps, because I’m not a collector or anything.

Now time to tackle some of my to-reply pile.


kira makes Snail Mail My Email (backdated post)

This post was saved in my drafts and published, so here it is:

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I am participating in this round of Snail Mail My Email.


The first request was simply one word, so I decided to cross-stitch it on some Aida cloth before popping it in an envelope and sending it through the mail.


kira makes a secret project

It’s not really a secret… it’s more of a surprise.

It’s that time of year, to be working on gifts for friends and family. And since, well, I know of at least ONE person (hi, Laura!) who reads this blog, I can’t show what I’m working on here. YET.

But I can show my orts jar! (Orts are the little leftover bits of thread trimmed from embroidery projects).

Orts Jar

There’s not too much in the jar right now, but Árnyék and Zaka kept trying to eat the thread bits, so made an orts jar to keep them out of reach.

The project itself is going along swimmingly. Lots of practice in making French knots. (Ooooh, a hint!) Looking forward to sharing them on the blog soon, after gift-giving season is over.

In other news, I have signed up to be a mail artist volunteer for Snail Mail My Email. The project is live this week, so hopefully I will soon receive emails to make into beautiful letters. Quick turnaround — I believe they need to be mailed out by the this Friday — so hopefully this will be the kick-in-the-pants I need to make some more stuff. Branch out and experiment a little. Looking forward to it. Yay.


kira makes an EDC post


I love seeing Everyday Carry (EDC) posts. And Things Organized Neatly posts. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my purse, and usually have a secondary supplementary bag as well (for work, it holds things like papers, notebooks, bigger headphones, letters; for other times, it contains portable craft projects, etc). I carry a lot of stuff. I like having things with me; good to be prepared!

So, since I needed to go through my bag anyway…

And, now I have updated it with labels to post on Everyday Carry — see post here!

I also realized exactly how many letters I carry in my work-bag. (There were also a handful in my purse that I found later! Not pictured.)



kira makes no blog progress.. no blogress?

aka, kira makes bad portmanteaus.

I’ve had the blog hidden while trying to work out the behind-the-scenes setup, but since it was not public, there was no impetus to actually update it. Nor actually document the things I’ve been making.

Right now, I’m working on writing letters for International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo) and A Month of Letters (LetterMo) challenge. Additionally, there is The 30-Day Meditation Challenge which I am already behind on — but (!!) not going to stress on that, since it would be rather against the principle.

Last night, had a lovely hangout with Cmer, where we played with some Pilot Parallel pens and I made some abstract doodling with water-soluble pencils and water-brush-pens.

I am still terrified of the blank page.

I need to get over my page-fright and figure out how to get back into creating. Especially since I have un-hidden the site + the blog, and would really like to have reasons to update. Which means… I must make things.


kira makes A Month of Letters


February is coming, and that means it is time for A Month of Letters. Essentially the challenge is to mail at least one item every day the post is running for the month of February (23 days, since 28 minus 4 Sundays and one holiday). And to write back to anyone who replies to you.

I’m planning on doing the full 28 days of the month. I’ve ordered new stamps, set up my writing calendar, and am counting down to get crackin’.

Yay, letters!