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kira makes a flowery virus

When I was in Seattle for my sister’s wedding, I bought some “souvenir yarn.” One of the skeins already turned into a Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks scarflette… which I still have not woven the ends in (which is kind of sad, since there are only two ends).

The other skein, I didn’t know what to do with it.

Knit Wit Victory Sock Market Flowers 01

A Seattle-exclusive color, “Market Flowers,” this skein was actually more appropriate as a souvenir yarn. But, whoa there… LOTS of colors. (Just like the flowers in Pike Place Market!)

Taking a break from my goal of finishing my UFOs, I… started yet another project.

Virus Shawl 01

The Virus Shawl — it’s crochet! That means it doesn’t count towards my unfinished knitting project tally, right? Hahah…

Trying to decide if the colors are too much. Not sure yet.


kira makes an observation: crochet hooks

At my apartment:

“Where the fuck are my fucking crochet hooks?”

“These ones (case of 16 metal hooks)?”


“These ones (case of 12 plastic hooks)?”


“These ones (case of 4 plastic hooks)? Or these ones (set of bamboo Tunisian hooks)?”

“Noooo… They are not my favorite hooks!”

….worse that this whole conversation was also with just myself? Still have not found the hooks I want. C’est la vie.