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kira makes a double-knit swatch

Double Knitting Swatch

First attempt at double knitting!

I am designing a new item, and decided it would be best in the reversible nature of double knitting. So… I had to learn double knitting. Yay, learning new things!

This swatch pattern is from the Craftsy course Adventures in Double Knitting.

However, I did not use the cast-on taught in the course. Honestly, I was a bit confused by the cast-on as it was taught, so sought out further instruction online and stumbled upon this cast on I found to be both easier and more attractive! Tutorial by Knit Purl Hunter.

I did the bind-off taught in the course, but I am not in love with it. According to my research, the best way to get that invisible bind-off (to match my cast-on) is to separate the stitches and Kitchener stitch them together. I am intrigued by this tutorial for a knit (not sewn) Kitchener stitch, so I will have to test it out later. There is also the Kitchener Stitch tutorial from Knit Purl Hunter, as well.

I cast-on for the prototype of my new design last night. I tried to replicate the invisible cast-on that I achieved with the swatch, but for various reasons, it did not work out as attractively. I think a combination of factors: for the swatch, I used a larger needle for the CO, and there were less stitches, so they were able to all stay on the needle (as opposed to slipping onto the cable of the circular needle). Since I don’t have any longer needles (I rely pretty much solely on circular interchangeables), I cast on to one of my bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks, allowing the stitches to stay the correct diameter throughout the cast-on process. Results? Worked!

Now to decide if I want to work the prototype (which often turns into the final project) in the Caron Simply Soft that I have laying around, or if I want to order new yarn. Seeing as Simply Soft is still a “commercially available” yarn, it will lend itself to being able to be published, but… it’s not really the best yarn (totally great for learning and some projects, still). Other yarns I am pondering include Knit Picks Mighty Stitch (80% Acrylic/20% Superwash Wool), SW Wool of the Andes (100% Superwash Wool), and Swish (100% Superwash Merino Wool).


p.s. I ordered more yarn.

kira makes an Etsy purchase

After having some items from Succaplokki (Etsy shop) in my cart for aaaaaaaages, I finally ordered!

Part of what prompted the actual purchase, is that I need to measure my gauge swatch for Cyntaf and I am rubbish at measuring gauge swatches. I know — it’s a pretty straight forward thing to do, but for some reason, I still find myself procrastinating on actually doing it. Avoidance!

So, I figured it was finally time to buy those gauge measuring tools I’ve been eyeing forever.

Succaplokki makes knitting accessories and tools from recycled plastic. I am a big fan of recycling/upcycling, and I was drawn to them right away. I particularly liked the ones in the Graphite-Grey color. I ordered 2 Silmuccaruutu (Knitting Gauge Checker), in a 2″ and the larger 4″. Unfortunately, by the time I ordered, the Graphite-Grey for the 4″ was unavailable, so I selected the “Surprise Color.”

Succaplokki Packaging

Made in Finland! I loved the stamps and the packaging. Inside the cardboard mailer, each item was individually wrapped in newspaper — funny to see some comics in Finnish.

Succaplokki Gauge Tools

Surprise! Orange! I was slightly amused that the “surprise color” of the 4″ Silmuccaruutu coordinates with the project I am currently working on. And it came with a little surprise gift! A little keyring-sized needle gauge tool (I believe it is one of the Piccumitta (Tiny Knitting Needle Gauge) on their site). While I don’t know how much I will use it (as it is one size, US2.5), it is still adorable and I immediately attached them to my tiny scissors that I keep in my knitting bag.

Overall pleased with these new tools. I have yet to actually use them — waiting to block the gauge swatch before I measure it (probably should do before/after blocking measurements) — but looking forward to using them.


kira makes a visit to the asylum

I received a mass of files from my very old computer circa 2004-2006; it’s like a weird nostalgic treasure-trove of projects from a decade ago. Most of the images are so tiny and low-res, or odd filetypes, or don’t even open anymore.




I had an interactive digital portfolio from back in the day (doesn’t actually show a lot of work; the project was actually to make the interactive aspect); I wish I could do a walkthrough of it, perhaps if I’m ever able to open it (it was made in Macromedia Director… I know, right?)

It was abandoned insane asylum themed, complete with crows cawing, electricity crackling, and mysterious creaking doors. Digitally scribble-drawn scenescapes, spattered with grit and grime, and your choice of 4 appropriately eerie songs to accompany your stay. A suspicious-looking service elevator transports you to the different levels of the asylum, featuring small galleries of photography and videos.


The whole ever-so-spooky thing kind of makes me giggle now… but also makes me wistful for the days that I actually MADE things. I need to squeeze more time for making things into my life. Photography, stop motion videos, animation, sculpture, drawing… I miss actually doing stuff.

Plus, I found some old files from when I was first learning 3D Maya (oh dear, that was a decade ago). I was making chess pieces based on the zodiac symbols. I remember I had some sort of system for which symbols I chose for the pieces… but I think the reasoning behind assigning Pisces, is evident in the filename: FISHOP. *bah dum tchiss*


kira makes crowd-sourced calligraphy practice

One of the things that is difficult for me when practicing my calligraphy is trying to figure out what to write. I end up writing the same words over and over. Like “practice” or “hello.”

So, in order to try to get some variety of words, I polled my Facebook friends for some of their favorite words.

I was not disappointed.

Calligraphy Practice - Page 01

Calligraphy Practice - Page 02

Calligraphy Practice - Supplies

Practice made with FW Acrylic Ink (Payne’s Grey), using a Nikko G Pointed Nib in my favorite Tachikawa T40 Holder.


kira makes pieces of tatting

Tatting - pieces - drying

Here are the small pieces of tatting for the pair of Tatted Barefoot Sandals (Instructable) and one piece for the Grand Daisy Tatted Choker (Instructable). They appear darker grey, because they are wet and drying.

I’m still trying to get my brain around the last steps for the barefoot sandals; granted, haven’t really spent a lot more time pondering it before getting distracted by wanting to make the Grand Daisy tatted choker. Hah..

I’ve made a bit of progress on it already:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 01

And then some work on the chains:

Tatting: Grand Daisy Necklace - progress 02

I also have an image of the other tatted necklace (Instructable), as promised.

Tatting - necklace


kira makes the beginnings of needle-tatted barefoot sandals

Needle Tatted Barefoot Sandals - Beginning

After making a couple of the tatted flowers, and a necklace (from Instructables; no post on it yet, will photograph later), I am trying my hand at making these needle-tatted barefoot sandals. I am super excited; I have wanted to make them for a while, but the idea was put aside as I pursued other crafts. And, now that I am getting back into needle tatting, I am making them!

Still trying to wrap my brain around the last portion of the instructions where you join up all the pieces (specifically how/when the joins happen), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


kira makes needle tatted flower

I have been taking the Shuttle Tatting Class at Craftsy. I had previously attempted to learn via diagrams, but all the steps were like: wave your hands around, and…. ta-da! Needless to say, I wasn’t able to figure it out. So, I was glad when there was the Craftsy class, so I could learn from video lessons (with rewind and replay!).

I got the basics down.
But then, it made me want to pull out my recently re-found tatting needles to see if I remembered how to needle tat as well.

So, today during my lunch break, I whipped up this flower.

needle tatting - flower

Instructable and Pattern by TotusMel. This instructable was how I first learned to needle tat, and was a good refresher, since it’s been ages since I attempted needle tatting.

For scale:
needle tatting - flower - scale

And, yes.. I need to catch up on 30 Days of Lists. I am behind.