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kira makes lunchtime calligraphy

Lunchtime Calligraphy

I like going home for lunch. I can eat a quick bite, then play with whatever art/craft is catching my fancy that day. Today was calligraphy, and I got to try out my new dinky dips (which is a silly name. But lovely to use.)

No image of the actual practice — I was being very sloppy and haphazard; didn’t use any guidelines so was slanting all over the place. Then later, I accidentally planted my hand on the wet ink while trying to make use of some blank space near the top of the page. Whoops. So, very un-pretty practice, but still good to do. Not so good for showing off. Will perhaps practice more later tonight, after the inaugural meetup of Twisted Stitchers RVA. At GWARbar.


kira makes an EDC post


I love seeing Everyday Carry (EDC) posts. And Things Organized Neatly posts. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my purse, and usually have a secondary supplementary bag as well (for work, it holds things like papers, notebooks, bigger headphones, letters; for other times, it contains portable craft projects, etc). I carry a lot of stuff. I like having things with me; good to be prepared!

So, since I needed to go through my bag anyway…

And, now I have updated it with labels to post on Everyday Carry — see post here!

I also realized exactly how many letters I carry in my work-bag. (There were also a handful in my purse that I found later! Not pictured.)