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kira makes a photoshoot for Cyntaf

The photoshoot for Cyntaf was Saturday morning. Of course, I can’t show any of the actual images from the shoot yet.


However, you can see the reflection of orange in this lovely window we saw while scouting around the Belltower for locations. We ended up shooting most of the shawl-only images around the Belltower while our model Stacey finished getting ready, then all of us traipsed over to Libbie Hill to shoot against the backdrop of the city.

Photography by PalinOptika Studios. I look forward to when I can share the images.


kira makes uncertain ponderings about blocking… with cats

I’ve been knitting away like a madperson to meet the photoshoot deadline. My friend/photographer is out of town next weekend (even though that would give me the most amount of time to knit). The weekdays are likely out, because I am hoping to do an outdoor shoot and want to work with natural light — and we both work days, when the most light is. So, that leaves this weekend, Saturday-only.

I am theoretically on-track for making this deadline. (I may or may not have called out of work yesterday to knit. To be fair, I also hadn’t been feeling well the day previous, and needed some time, anyway.)

Today, I plan to finish up the last 8 rows and bind off.
Then comes the problem: blocking.

Blocking. With cats.
Cats, who get into everything.

Zaka on Pattern
Example A: Zaka, who is helping me by sitting on my knitting pattern.

Example B: Árnyék, who is likely the cause of the “Someone ate holes in my Mirkwood!” Cat-astrophe.

PorkchopExample C: Porkchop (Ryan’s cat, who has been living with us). He has not given me any reason to be wary of him and my knitting. Yet. He is a cat, after all.

So… yeah.
Not sure how I am going to wet-block and pin out this shawl.

I figure, first plan of attack is to barricade myself in the bedroom (the only room with doors, to keep the cats out (apart from the bathroom, of course)). I have blocking mats, wires and pins. The next step is to take the dampened shawl and pin out on the mats (which… I don’t think I actually have a large enough configuration of mats. Boo. I might have to look into getting more.) Then… what? I think my options are to try to prop up the pinned-shawl-interlocking-mats in the closet, or somehow balance it on top of the wardrobe cubbies (would need to move the shoes). Pretty much anywhere else, the cats have been able to get at or into. There is the possibility of balancing it on top of the laundry baskets on top of the machines in the laundry nook (yay, closet with doors!), but that might be a hassle for getting to the laundry. It should only be for a day or so while it dries completely.

This should be… an interesting challenge.


kira makes a visit to the asylum

I received a mass of files from my very old computer circa 2004-2006; it’s like a weird nostalgic treasure-trove of projects from a decade ago. Most of the images are so tiny and low-res, or odd filetypes, or don’t even open anymore.




I had an interactive digital portfolio from back in the day (doesn’t actually show a lot of work; the project was actually to make the interactive aspect); I wish I could do a walkthrough of it, perhaps if I’m ever able to open it (it was made in Macromedia Director… I know, right?)

It was abandoned insane asylum themed, complete with crows cawing, electricity crackling, and mysterious creaking doors. Digitally scribble-drawn scenescapes, spattered with grit and grime, and your choice of 4 appropriately eerie songs to accompany your stay. A suspicious-looking service elevator transports you to the different levels of the asylum, featuring small galleries of photography and videos.


The whole ever-so-spooky thing kind of makes me giggle now… but also makes me wistful for the days that I actually MADE things. I need to squeeze more time for making things into my life. Photography, stop motion videos, animation, sculpture, drawing… I miss actually doing stuff.

Plus, I found some old files from when I was first learning 3D Maya (oh dear, that was a decade ago). I was making chess pieces based on the zodiac symbols. I remember I had some sort of system for which symbols I chose for the pieces… but I think the reasoning behind assigning Pisces, is evident in the filename: FISHOP. *bah dum tchiss*


kira makes a knitting update: Les Misérables

So, it’s been a while since I’ve actually knitted, up until last weekend.

Tidbit (my Scion iQ) needed to have routine maintenance and an inspection, so I was going to be stuck waiting at the shop for roughly 2 hours. I needed to bring something that would be portable — so into my bag went 2 knitting projects and my tatting supplies. Because I like to be prepared.

I ended up working on a project that I started a while back and set aside — Les Misérables.

When I first saw the pattern for this deconstructed scarf, I immediately thought of this iconic ballet photograph (Ballet Study by Harvey Edwards), with its well-worn ballet slippers, tattered legwarmers, and mustard-y coloured tights.

Ballet Study by Harvey Edwards

I have long adored the colour of the tights in combination with the distressed legwarmers. I could easily envision the Les Misérables scarf in such a shade, so I selected KnitPicks Palette in Tumeric, described as “a brownish, orange yellow color… inspired by the golden tones of spices found in South Asia…” It looks like the spice Tumeric; however, it has been near impossible for me to capture the hue correctly in photographs.

Les Miserables On Head

I made a fair bit of progress while waiting for Tidbit (check-up all good!), and have continued to pick it up off and on again throughout the week. About to be on ball three (of six). And after all the knitting is complete, it is partially felted. I’m excited.

One day, I will get back to the Featherweight Cardigan. I have made a significant amount of progress on the Cardigan, but have not documented it at all. Perhaps I will remember to snap some pictures soon.