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kira makes inkstained crossed fingers

Oscar Wilde - Experience

Crossing fingers for luck with a potential opportunity!

I haven’t made an update in two weeks or so, because I didn’t have any good images of progress on my various projects. And a post without pictures is truly not as exciting.

So, quickly whipped together this image to prompt me to post. I haven’t really devoted much (read: any) time to actually digitizing my calligraphy, past shooting a quick iPhone image. (Which I honestly ought to spend a little more time making sure that it is lit well, and… you know, actually in focus! Hah.) It was interesting seeing what I could pull together in just a few minutes, testing out a few techniques I’d seen. Not sure I actually like the colors of the end result, but…

Anyway — making good progress on Mirkwood Shawl. Pictures to come, when I remember to actually document it. Progress is slow, and it’s nice to have companions in this KAL journey to commiserate about confusing parts and the numerous lace charts. I’m about a third of the way through Chart 1 (which starts after setting up all the inner borders). It’s hard to judge precisely how far in the pattern I am, since each row has more stitches than the previous. So, even if I could say I am __ rows in a pattern consisting of __ rows, it’s not a good method to evaluate how much more there is to go. We’ll just say that it will go on and on until it is done.

Which will hopefully be before September (I’m sure it will!) because I plan to wear it to my sister’s wedding.