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kira makes a past-things post: Spaceteam

As my sister and her husband are now off in Tahiti for their honeymoon, I am reminded that I never posted pictures of the last-minute wedding cake toppers I made for them.

We spent the last day or two before the wedding setting up the table cards and various other last minute things. Their wedding had different themed tables based on their interests and games they liked to play. The wedding party table was themed Spaceteam.

Spaceteam Banner

If you’re not familiar with it, Spaceteam is a collaborative mobile game where the players attempt to keep their spaceship running by relaying commands on their screens to fellow players. It is quite fun. And shouty.

And, there was a secret mode created, used in their proposal. D’awww…

I believe Laura had intended to make the toppers herself, but as time was short and there were a million other things for the bride to do, I stepped in to make the toppers. The materials supplied were foam sheets, glue, x-acto knife, and skewers.

Spaceteam Wedding Cake Topper

It was a bit of a last minute rush, so they aren’t nearly as polished as I would have wanted them to turn out (perfectionist!), but the bride was tickled by them. That’s a win in my book! I don’t think I have any pictures of them on the cake. Hm… Probably some more pictures of them somewhere.

Spaceteam Wedding - Laura + Stephen
From the wedding party seating chart.

I hope that they are enjoying their honeymoon in Tahiti!


kira makes a flowery virus

When I was in Seattle for my sister’s wedding, I bought some “souvenir yarn.” One of the skeins already turned into a Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks scarflette… which I still have not woven the ends in (which is kind of sad, since there are only two ends).

The other skein, I didn’t know what to do with it.

Knit Wit Victory Sock Market Flowers 01

A Seattle-exclusive color, “Market Flowers,” this skein was actually more appropriate as a souvenir yarn. But, whoa there… LOTS of colors. (Just like the flowers in Pike Place Market!)

Taking a break from my goal of finishing my UFOs, I… started yet another project.

Virus Shawl 01

The Virus Shawl — it’s crochet! That means it doesn’t count towards my unfinished knitting project tally, right? Hahah…

Trying to decide if the colors are too much. Not sure yet.


kira makes more stitches (a catch-all knitting post)

The last 23 days or so have just been short posts for the #drawlloween challenge. I haven’t updated much else. But I have been knitting.

Mirkwood is sadly set aside, having never regained momentum after the cat-attack. While the work has been salvaged, the semi-deadline has passed, so there’s less motivation to keep working on it. I do plan to get back to it, but am just taking a break.

In the meantime, I cast on a new project. (Of course. It’s not like I have a zillion projects waiting for me to finish them…)

I had purchased some “souvenir yarn” during my trip to Seattle — Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Beehive and Knitted Wit Victory Sock in Market Flowers (exclusive Seattle colorway). I was eager to try something with these new yarns, since starting new projects is always exciting.

I cast on with the Maxima, test knitting stockinette, linen-stitch, a chunky lace, and a few others, frogging each time before settling on the star-stitch pattern of “Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks.”


The scarf is wider that the original pattern, and I knit until I ran out of yarn, resulting in a short scarf, good for tucking into one’s jacket. I still haven’t weaved in the ends, because I am lazy.

I also mended a machine-knit sweater. One of my favorites had gone through the wash and emerged with a broken strand that unraveled the stitches several inches wide.

Rock & Republic - Unraveled

Rock & Republic - Repaired

Using the crochet hook I’d been using for beading on Mirkwood (the hook is 0.5mm!!), I picked up all the unraveled stitches, and re-bound off the edge. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as new, because it slightly puckers there, but in the overall design of the sweater, I think it is virtually unnoticeable.

I’ve picked up the Les Misérables scarf/wrap again. I’ve decided to use all the balls of the yarn I have, and it will be very long. It is already… very long. I don’t know how much it will shrink when felted (technically, fulled). Part of me wonders if I want to felt it at all. I guess we’ll see when it’s done.

Les Misérables - with Cats

On a side note, the kittens are getting quite big.