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kira makes non-NaNoWriMo

I knew from the start that I wasn’t planning on participating in NaNoWriMo. One day, I will get back into fiction-writing, but that day is not right now.

After considering what other truncated-word/acryonym challenge I might do instead of NaNoWriMo (such as NaBloPoMo or NaNoJouMo), I decided I really can’t be arsed to do a daily intensive challenge and I’m already a day behind anyway… So, whatever.

I’m going to work on my creative assortment of interests daily, as usual. This month’s focus is Finishing Things.

So far, I’ve completed the Les Misérables wrap and hand-felted it in a basin in the bathtub. Handfelting — what a workout!

Les Miserables - Bathtub

Les Miserables - Felted Closeup

The color never shows up in the photographs right… Sigh. Think turmeric (which is actually the yarn color’s name).

I believe I thought the felting would shrink it a lot more, so it is still massively long. Enough for two wraps around the neck and STILL long. It is too warm to wear right now, but will be lovely in the winter.

In the spirit of finishing the UFOs that I have laying about, I pulled out the Fleegle heel socks I had set aside. As I pulled one of them on, I re-confirmed what I had previously determined: I need to unravel them a fair bit and start to add calf-shaping increases. So… I’m not that excited about that. Part of me wants to just bind-off and call it a day, but I know that I want to keep knitting them until they are TALL socks, and to do that, I will need to add calf-shaping, since they are being unattractively stretched out. But… I will get to that later, when I have more motivation for that.

I then turned to the Featherweight Cardigan, which has been sitting, neglected in a bin. Several rows into the plain stockinette stitching, I got a little bored and was hoping for a bit more excitement. Thinking I might cheat and cast-on for a quick new project (a hat), I remembered that I already knit a hat that is just waiting for some finishing (d’oh!). Tiny Owl Knit’s Deer with Little Antlers Hat. Mine has been sitting in a bin, with the hat part, two ears, and ONE antler. All that needs to be done is to make the other antler, felt them, stitch the antlers and ears on the hat, and ta-da! Done. The hunt for the skein of natural-colored wool began. I pulled bin after bin out of my closet (where I hide my yarnstash), finding several other UFOs along the way — the thick stack of squares from the Cabled Afghan KAL just waiting to be stitched together, a hat that just needed fringe added, and then… a scarf that I made as a gift for a friend… in 2008. Which has been waiting for a cloth backing to be sewn on to hide the back of the colorwork. Since 2008. …wow.

So, I decided the next project to complete was the scarf; I am over halfway through handsewing the jersey backing to the scarf. Once it’s complete, I’ll ship it off to the intended recipient. Only like… 7 years after I started it.


kira makes twitchy fingers

Malabrigo Lace -- Pagoda

Currently trying to resist temptation.

I think I have found the yarn I want to use to make the Mirkwood shawl. Malabrigo Lace, in Pagoda — a deep dark shade of red. (Although looking at some of the stashed photos on Ravelry, it looks like there is a fair bit of variation in tone.)

The online shop has just enough in stock in the right color… Trying to decide if I can shift next month’s “hobbies” budget to now, since I don’t want them to get sold out. (All of this month’s “spare” money went towards kittens.)

*twitchy fingers*

Not like I don’t already have enough projects going on at once… Currently still working on the Les Misérables wrap, the Featherweight Cardigan, and my Fleegle Heel Socks. The Les Mis wrap may actually be long enough to consider binding off (I have 2 more balls of yarn; trying to decide whether to just knit until I run out of yarn, or go by the pattern’s length recommendation). I’m making decent progress on the Featherweight Cardigan, specifically at craft nights. And, I’m technically on the second sock of the Fleegle Heel socks, about to make the gusset and heel. Soooo… I’m kind of in a place where I could theoretically finish some projects soon, and can add another project into the mix. Maybe…

But now, researching pet insurance like a “responsible adult”… boo, adulting.


kira makes little knitting progress…

…because kittens are distracting.


One of the downsides of kittens is that they are so gosh-darn-cute, that my productivity in any home-activity has significantly declined, in favor of playing with kittens. And cat-napping with kittens.

Árnyék Loves Socks

Árnyék loves worn socks. I’m going to have to keep him away from my knitted socks! Which I have made absolutely no progress on since acquiring the kittens.

I did, however make a little bit of progress on the Featherweight Cardigan at our craft night. I just realized that I started the Featherweight Cardigan at the beginning of the year, and it still isn’t done. That’s mainly because I get distracted by other shiny projects (like working on Les Misérables wrap and making socks).

And speaking of new shiny projects to get distracted by — our group has fallen in love with this hooded shawl: Mirkwood (Ravelry page). There is a possibility of a KAL. Even if we all don’t end up knitting it at the same time, we can still help each other decipher the lace charts.

In my idle ponderings about if I can add this shawl to my ever-growing-list of WIPs, I remembered that I have several skeins of laceweight yarn from handpaintedyarn.com. I have almost enough in Mares Profundos (a deep blue) or in Black. Roughly 1700 yards of each, when the pattern calls for 1800-1860 yards. I could always make it in the blue, with black edging. However, the quality of the yarn makes me a little bit nervous — when I had been trying to use the Mares Profundos to make a shawl previously, it seemed to tend to break at points where the single-ply was not spun tightly enough. I’d be hesitant to knit such a time- and labor-intensive piece with yarn that might give way. That being said, it makes me a little reluctant to use the yarn altogether, since any project that I spend any amount of time on, I would not want it to fall apart! Especially any lace that requires aggressive blocking!

Of course, then I am pondering what yarn I would want to use instead. And pricing it out. And pondering beads, and clasps…


kira makes the start of second sock

I’d been humming along with the first sock, knitting simply stockinette in the round for some time before remembering that I had been planning on doing some calf increases. Placing the live stitches on some waste yarn, I tried on my sock.

Fleegle Sock Progress - 05.03.15

Looks like just in time. Some increases are probably a good idea before the sock gets any taller.

However, since I’ve been somewhat winging the pattern, I decided that I should start on the second sock, and get it to the same point so I can match the increases for both socks. So second sock started; have completed the toe, and am on the main body of the foot. (This will also hopefully combat getting stuck with second sock syndrome!)

In other news, my little sister visited so we dyed our hair. She had never dyed her hair before, and went with Special Effects Blue Velvet (I had half a bottle left over from when I had short blue hair.) And I stuck with reds and some pink, using up the remnants of several bottles I had laying around — so a mix of Virgin Rose, Cherry Bomb, Nuclear Red, and Blood Red.

Hair - Koryn + Kira

And, on Sunday, went to Dancing in the Dark/Sunday Funday — a weekly summer meet-up of hoopers and spinners. It was my first time going; the first one was rained out, and I didn’t want to go to the second one by myself. But, Cmer and I were able to go to this one and had a good time.

Sunday Funday - 05.03.15

And, I also got to play some with staff for the first time, with help from my friend Steve, who I almost hit in the face a couple of times. Eeeep.

Staff (Photo by Stacey Firefly)(Photo by Stacey Firefly)

All in all, a pretty good weekend!


kira makes a Fleegle heel

Fleegle Heel Sock Progress

Sock progress! There is a heel!

I’ve been referring to this as my first sock, when technically I have made one sock before. Yes, just one. It was a test sock, just to see if I could do it. I don’t remember what pattern I used, but I believe it was cuff-down with a traditional heel-flap, made with 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn. I never made its mate. It tickled me that I successfully made a sock, even if was doomed to be alone. It was really just to see how socks were constructed before trying it with tiny fancy sock yarn.

So, this is my first (to-be-pair) of sock(s) made in tiny fancy sock yarn (gifted to me by my friend). I wanted to use up all of it, hence the decision for toe-up, so I could just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn.

When I was researching what sort of toe-up socks I wanted to do, I looked at several different heels. I vaguely remember the traditional heel-flap working alright, but I think that I remember it being a little hole-y where the heel met the gusset. I came across the Fleegle heel, I think by accident. After reading more about it, I decided this was what I would try. And, it turned out to be pretty straightforward (once I read all the instructions and supplementary blog-post) and resulted in a lovely hole-free heel.

I later found this page “How to Choose Your Sock Heel” which compares a couple different heels, with images. I think I will continue to use the Fleegle heel, unless a traditional heel-flap would suit better.

Now to continue knitting around and around in stockinette, until I’m almost out of yarn, and then some 2×2 ribbing. Perhaps some increases to fit the calf better. And, then onto the second — hopefully avoiding the dreaded second-sock-syndrome!


kira makes out like a bandit at the potluck/swap

Last night’s Twisted Stitchers RVA (our stitch & bitch group) was a potluck/swap. I made the crowd-favorite Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (was a hit, again), and a recipe I hadn’t tried before: Cold Soba & Cucumber Salad. It’s more of an assembly recipe than actual cooking; super quick to put together (I made it during my lunch break, on the day of!), and was also very tasty. I polished off the leftovers today for lunch!

Swap Books

But, look at the books I snagged! Super stoked about the Zimmerman books and Walker’s Knitting Treasuries (1 through 3! just missing #4!). Plus, No Sheep for You is good for looking into other non-wool yarns as a mostly-vegan — I still eat honey, and occasionally use wool. Because, things like felting, and other awesome wool properties…

Speaking of wool, I also took a ball of Berocco Sox in a really neat colorway (think it was 1425 John Moores, but not sure if I remember properly — it only had the colorway number and not the name on the ball band).

And speaking of socks, my first pair is coming along. I was gifted a skein of lovely sock yarn (The Twisted Knitter Hand Dyed Originals Platinum Sock in “Naughty or Nice”) by my friend. And, I decided that this sock yarn should actually become socks!

Naughty or Nice Socks Progress

After a few false starts (CO edge too tights, too loose, etc), I made my way through the toe and onto the main body of the sock. I was concerned for a bit that the sock would be too large, but I think that was just the needles pulling the yarn when I was trying it on in the initial stages. Now to knit just a bit more before moving onto the heel.

I used Judy’s Magic Cast On, with the additional help of this video for figuring out the CO for DPNs. I am using Fleegle’s Toe-Up No-Flap, No-Hassle Sock Pattern; after looking at several different toe-up heels, I became intrigued with the Fleegle heel, and figured I’d give that one a go. And, at the end, I plan to use Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. I divided the skein into two equal weight balls, and plan on knitting until I run out of yarn! I anticipate having an inch or two of ribbing at the top, on otherwise stockinette stitch socks (and depending on how tall/long they become, I may do some increases to fit over the calf).

[Ravelry project notes here]